General Description and Utilization

  • 100% Hen shell eggs
  •  Egg Albumen powder is specially developed for application in curing, delicatessen, preserves, pasta, batter mixes, fish products (surimi), ham and sausage industries

Reconstitution: to obtain 1kg adds 125g of powder and 875g of water


Packing, Storage and Shelf Life

  • 25 kg Polyethylene bag in cardboard box cartons
  • Quantity per pallet : 600kg
  • Temperature of 15-20°C
  • Shelf life of 24 months

1kg of powder is equivalent of 250 shell eggs




Batch Number Explanations 1312.527

  •      1    =    Year
  • 312    =    Date of production
  • 527    =    Internal code



Eggway products comply with the quality standards required by Export Inspection Agency (EIA), (Government of India) and the new EU hygiene directives for egg products and also stringent requirements such as USDA.